Environmental Storytelling:

embed narrative architecture in virtual environments and enhance navigation paths


with a play-persona in mind designers can craft environments where play-styles will become the optimal strategy

Ethical Players:

dealing with players moral choices as moral beings

Location Based gaming:

creating geofences to embed mixed reality gaming in a location based game platform

Games Design, Paper Prototyping, Scripting, Usability Testing


Environmental Storytelling, Play-Persona, Play-Styles, Interaction Patterns


Ergodicity, Emergence, Vicarious Experience, Fiction, Ethical Player


I studied game design at ITU of Copenhagen and I wrote my Master Thesis on cutting edge theories about level design. I am a highly passionate gamer, an ambitious, creative experienced game designer with a successful track record on delivering multiple projects on mobile and web platforms. My goal is to create groundbreaking games that push the boundaries of the medium.


In my blog I talk about videogames I play, books about games, my working experience as game designer and anything related to my passion as a gamer.
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